Nandan Nagarad completed his undergraduate degree in Architecture from Siddaganga Institute of Technology in Tumkur. After graduation, he has interned in a Bengaluru based design firm, Atto Atelier. With 5+ years of industrial experience, he has worked with global architecture and design consultancy firms such as RSP Pvt Ltd and Bental associates, who specializes in large scale and tall structure projects. Having gained experience in multiple varieties of offices and worked on various scale of projects like residential, office/commercial, hospital, and malls, he has co-founded a design firm by the name ‘Curious Case of Design’ (CCOD) based in Bengaluru.

He believes the designer is the one who ages backward for each project. In any project, an outcome or the end product is what a client/user wants to achieve, but that is the starting point for a designer and we work towards achieving that goal. Each project involves its own thought process, site-specific details, and a unique design journey, thus a curious case in every essence. Having picked up architectural and interior photography as a passion, Nandan has documented several projects for architects in Bengaluru, which went on to get published in several publications. By the brand CCOD, his motto is to cater to ‘all things design’.

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