Infrastructure Facilities


The DSCA (Dayananda Sagar College of Architecture) is housed in an independent building with design studios, lecture halls, library, CAD Lab, model making workshop, material museum, construction yard, etc.; situated in the campus of DSI. The School of Architecture has other exclusive facilities such as high-end computers with peripherals, Student-friendly drawing Tables, Classrooms equipped with design studios and LCD projector screens, the library houses over 600 books with over 100 titles on architecture and allied fields, tie-up with other libraries in the integrated campus.

Sports facilities and playground, state of the art gym, yoga center, boys and girls hostel facilities and other amenities like canteen, common rooms, etc.; is available on the campus.

Other important facilities are first aid cum sick room, in house stationery shop, student’s center, and student counseling center.


"I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else" - Pablo Picasso

The majority of the Architecture student's time is spent in the studio; as such, the studio has to be conducive to their creative process. The studio space is created, not by the allocation of floor space, but by encouraging discussion, free expression of ideas, fostering debate, and encouraging a sense of camaraderie. It is a space which allows students to trade ideas and teachers to hone the skills of the students. All studios are equipped with AV systems and high speed internet connectivity, marking our readiness for hybrid learning action of 40 students during studio sessions. The same spaces can accommodate 120, in the event of special guest lectures and common lessons.


"Doubt everything; find your own light" - The Buddha

Classrooms learning is an essential component of Architectural education. Critical instruction on theoretical learning is best offered in formal settings, thus emphasising on its importance to the profession that the students will embark upon."


"The book to read is not the one that thinks for you, but the one which makes you think" - Harper Lee

The DSCA Library is replete with works from renowned architects, urban designers and contemporary thinkers. There are plenty resources for reference, related to the curriculum as well. These resources are made available to the students during the college hours. Students are encouraged to take up reading in our library to augment the classroom and studio instruction they receive


"Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat" - Steve Jobs

The DSCA computer lab is equipped with the latest in architectural softwares and rendering tools. Students can make use of this, under the tutelage of our able staff. The Climatology Lab, set up to study the effects of climate on design, is spearheaded by the faculty looking to push students towards deep sensitisation on the importance of climate and it's critical role in the architecture we produce The Concrete lab, an allied facility shared with the civil department, allows the student to study and understand one of the most versatile modern construction materials.


"Architecture begins where Engineering ends" - Walter Gropius

Since 2013, we are a VTU Research Centre. Six PhD students are currently enrolled, of which two are in the final stages of submission to earn their Doctoral degree.

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