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Educational objectives of the programs offered at DSCA

The program focuses on optimising and enhancing spaces considering their physical, social, and aesthetic requirements.

The course focuses on planning, organising, and designing interiors for offices, residences, retail outlets, departmental stores, malls, hotels, theatres, studios, event spaces and more.

Students will be imparted skills in design thinking, visual communication and design, colour sense, utilisation of materials and other aspects that result in aesthetic pleasing, durable interiors.

Architecture as a profession as well as faculty of education requires dedication, creativity, and most of all lateral thinking. The structure of the entire curriculum has hence been distributed among a span of five years and ten semesters; such that the students are exposed to a balance between both, the creative as well as the technical aspects of Architecture. DSCA is affiliated toVishveswaraya Technological University (VTU) and follows the curriculum augmented by workshops, study tours, Guest Lectures, and Site Visits